7 point CI

bblum 4927



Yeah yeah. Screw writing an intro. This ain't no DOTW. Y'all know what this deck does already, just maybe not how to pilot it, right?

Basic combo (requires $11, hand of jackson, shutdown, diag, mirror, and 2 other things to mirror):

  • Shutdown ($1 spent, ** clicks remain)
  • Mirror jackson, EC, PV (for example) ($2, *)
  • AD -> Interns jackson, reclam AD, biotic ($8, **)
  • AD -> Interns jackson, SFSS x2 onto EC ($9, *)
  • Score EC take clicks ($9, ****)
  • AD -> Interns GFI, SFSS, reclam kaguya ($11, ***)
  • Triple kaguya onto PV + GFI

Combo through double clot (requires $18, same cards required as above but 6 things to mirrormorph):

  • Shutdown ($1 spent, ** clicks remain)
  • Mirror jackson, EC, PV (for example) ($2, *)
  • AD -> Mirror jackson, GFI, CVS (for example), reclam AD, biotic ($9, **)
  • AD -> Interns jackson, SFSS x2 onto EC ($10, *)
  • Score EC using CVS, take clicks ($13, ****)
  • AD -> Interns CVS, SFSS, reclam kaguya ($15, ***)
  • Triple kaguya onto PV + GFI, score using CVS ($18)

Some basic substitutions:

  • If you have a 2nd AD or 2 kaguyas in hand, you can get the 3rd one with archived instead of reclam, saving $1
  • If you have all 3 ADs or all 3 kaguyas, you get a whole spare combo slot, which can compensate for (e.g.) not enough things to mirror, or be spent on reuse to make $$$$$
  • If you have biotic or archived or an extra interns target in hand, you can use sublim in the combo pile to play it from hand, saving $1
  • If one of the SFSS is stranded in your hand, you can replace its combo slot with a biotic to play it from hand, costing $4 more
  • If the runner refuses to run til you get to the end of your deck, you can wait until you have 6 left, then play biotic-AD-AD to self-mill instead of power shutdown

Here I have replaced one of the shutdowns with 2x GFI, which seems good so far considering that most runners have clot and I have to find 5 or more mirrormorph targets and by then have always found one of the shutdowns. I'm playing a reuse (instead of the 3rd SFSS) to tech against vamp / siphon spam. The ice suite is pretty who-the-hell-cares-about-subtypes, because of faust; I try not to rez turings unless it's to defend from siphon vamp or medium.

25 Feb 2016 Bigguyforyou518

Excellent art, top marks.

25 Feb 2016 anr_marsellus

All hail Vamp.

26 Feb 2016 IonFox

Aww yez homestuck. On a more serious note, does Vanity Project have a place in CI combo lists?

26 Feb 2016 ANRguybrush

@IonFox yes it does. look at marchevas CI list from the polish nationals: netrunnerdb.com

26 Feb 2016 prozz

its like netrunner's phd

27 Feb 2016 Jcree8

CBI raid

27 Feb 2016 itamom420

I made a similer deck actually but with scorched earth and midseasons package for kill.

3 Mar 2016 coffeeyay

Localized Production Line is going to be a strong include in this deck when it comes out right? Hard to find the slots, I'm sure, but seems like a tutor would be quite strong here, despite the high cost.

Also how bad is Councilman/PolOp going to be for this strategy? I guess Pol Op doesn't matter much since we can rez/pop jackson before he can trash--though he probably does make Leela ability much harder to play around judging by the Leela combo solutions. But councilman seems tough to play around. I guess you'd could play another JH out of hand trashing the previous one (and hope they only had one councilman :D) ?

6 Mar 2016 ammms

I am learning to play the CI decks, the previous version I played involves 3 Biotic Labor, 3 Shipment from SanSan and it's like a 12 cards in hand combo, which is not easy to pull off. This deck can get going and win the match in very few turns given a very good initial draw.

I do have a question, if this deck is played against Leela, can we still pull off 7 agenda points in one turn? Or should we do it in 2 separate turns?

6 Mar 2016 bblum

@amms See forum.stimhack.com for one of the ways to do it in 1 turn. But I'm playing 2x biotic labor now, so it's easier to just biotic a 3/2 in advance.

13 Mar 2016 Flashfires

@bblum Hi. I've been enjoying this deck, but I have a question. How would you deal with an installed hades shard with this list? Thanks.

13 Mar 2016 bblum

Draw until you have 14 agenda points in your hand.

13 Mar 2016 bblum

Err, 12 actually, considering GFI. Draw til you got 6 agendas.

8 Apr 2016 hutch9514

love the deck. i'm going to be practicing this deck a lot to get better at piloting it. Are there any videos for tips for piloting this deck that anyone knows of?

9 Apr 2016 bblum

dan's videos thread: forum.stimhack.com

my puzzle thread: forum.stimhack.com

9 Apr 2016 hutch9514