Swappy Steaks (15th @ Worlds)

hams 498


I had fully intended to play Smoke in the main event, but after a lukewarm performance at Crown of Servers, I panicked. I wanted to swap to something else, but I didn't bring anything as a backup, aside from my untested Startup list that I was going to wing it with on the Sunday.

Frantically, half an hour before the event was going to start, I took out the rezekis from my startup list, and because I never bothered to spend all of my influence for the startup list, put fermenters in their place, threw in a couple overclocks, figured paperclip was better than cleaver, and "good enough".

Oh, and while waiting in line to submit decklists, I overheard someone mention misdirection, said "oh shit!" out loud, and crammed that in too at the last minute.

There are probably choices to make this list better but I didn't have time to think too hard about them.

Tao's ability was relevant every game, although rarely game winning; however, a couple times it proved to be very powerful. Putting all the crappy ice on the remote can make it really hard to score out against boat, and if they overcommit money-wise away from R&D, the ice swap lines up some brutal Stargate runs. Also, a lot of lists have some particular ice to annoy boat, and you can just move those ones to wherever renders them the least useful to the corp.

The Revolver was questioned by some, but I like it; in particular, busts up Ansel. Lots of chips keeps it on the board, but the chips really shine at keeping Fermenter on the board constantly, and no one wants to purge it out. Fermenter really stood out on the day, and well, boat is boat.

I've never travelled for a big netrunner event before, so it was really cool to finally put faces to all the names that I've seen for years, and I'm happy that Tao didn't completely fall apart. It was awesome to play against a lot of really strong players, and equally awesome to have the fellow BC players that travelled with me hyping me up as I was doing well. I keep playing this silly card game because of the community, so shoutouts to everyone that both everyone I met and the everyone that I usually play with (I'll see you guys at pubrunner again soon!).

(PS 100% of the Tao players made the cut, something something egregious)

18 Oct 2022 Ghost Meat

I’ve only been for wings with you once, but I consider myself a card-carry member of your Dangerous Nights Crew. Congrats on Top 16, hams!

Telepresence Magicians Suck!

18 Oct 2022 Ajak

I was waiting for this decklist! Congrats on making the cut! This deck seems really fun to play and I'm going to have to jam some games with it now!

18 Oct 2022 sortaevil

So stoked for you making the top cut! You really made the Vancouver scene proud, and what a dope decklist (and story for how you ended up on it). GGs, well played. Tao confirmed busted with that 100% conversion to top cut, the reviews were right!

18 Oct 2022 Jamer

Hell yes man! Was awesome to witness you take this to top 16! Next Worlds: sloppy steaks are on me ;)

19 Oct 2022 CritHitd20

When will they ban this ID

25 Oct 2022 neuropantser

They're saying "It's imPOSSIBLE that many Anansis are endin up on Archives every day. And it's imPOSSIBLE that one out of every five of 'em are protectin' Obokata." I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO TELL YA, BUD! WE'RE JUST RUNNIN SERVERS AND SHOOTIN THE ONES WHERE THE ICE FLIES OUT

28 Oct 2022 maninthemoon

Good stuff @hams well done for sure!

23 Mar 2023 Ghost Meat

@neuropantser XD (upvote, upvote, upvote)

12 Mar 2024 Bloomtronzero

Deae hams

we all love steak but you never swap em wuth me! ha ha!

lots of love


ps why is it steak when ur name is a ham! ha ha!