L02jk0kakrak (3rd Stockholm Regionals)

mcbeast 1018

Standard fare Leela. Tapwrm is the econ card that could be switched to Dirty Laundry or Daily Casts.

I didn't meet any asset spam decks during the tournament, and if I could change anything I would go -1 Employee Strike, +1 Interdiction, -1 Corroder, +1 Paperclip.

Indexing + Mad Dash wins games (thanks @gejben for stating the obvious that this combo is good).

Hardest matchups are HB such as Glacier and Estelle Moon ass-spam.

Abagnale is really nice and Mammon has carried me to victory a lot of games.

16 May 2017 gejben

I'm good at stating the obvious. Like when you lost the losers finals and I told you that it's really dumb to use indexing and mad dash when there is a rezzed jacksson on the table.

16 May 2017 Laxen

Maybe it was a mind game

16 May 2017 mcbeast

I know right. Dumbest play ever. Brain was tired and mistakes were made.