Horrible IG (3rd place Chatteris SC)

Critical Joe 26

This is the IG deck I took to the Hobbit Hole Store Championships in Chatteris.

This was taken mostly from the Friendly IG deck on here, with a few changes. There's definite changes I'd make going forward, I'd like to get a couple more GFI in there, but influence is tight, I'd probably look at dropping a Dedication Ceremony, though they do provide a win condition, so I'm not sure.

Anyways, on the day.... I went 5-1 with this deck on the day, 3-1 during Swiss.

Game 1 - vs Andy - Fairly standard game, did IG things and got the kill eventually.

Game 2 - vs Val - This was a standard Blackmail Val. He hadn't experienced IG before and was a pretty quick kill.

Game 3 - vs Andy - Was looking good, until I failed to find a single Hostile Infrastructure and fired off my Bio's a bit soon. He managed to steal 2 Fetals in two turns from single access R&D, Then had an unfortunate Psi game for The Future perfect for a score win. I might have manged to get the win if I'd waited and possibly played better, but, such is life.

Game 4 - vs Gabe - We'd been playing this matchup at our practice pubrunner events and found that it was a strong matchup in my favour. Genetics and bios kept his hand down until I could dedication Ronin for the win.

Top Cut.

Game 1 vs Nero - Nero, in the top cut? Madness.... Again, a local player for me who struggled to get a lead and once again dedication Ronin for the win.

This was definitely my strongest deck on the day, carried me into 3rd place and got me a Playmat. Overall I'm dead happy with the deck.

If you'd like to listen to our thoughts on the SC overall, pop over to the Critical Twits Podcast and have a listen. It should be live on the 9th Feb.