Scared Witless

mcg 906

I'm not sure I'd say this deck is strong as such, but it's certainly difficult to play against, and a heck of a lot of fun to play with. In the small amount of testing I was able to do, it only lost one game (when a turn one Indexing found three agendas). So I was really disappointed I didn't do it justice in today's Wrexham SC.

The deck is just a slight variation on 'BigBoy's Battle of Wits'. I added another ManUp instead of an ABT (the only thing I can claim to be an improvement), swapped the Quicksands for Magnets (I was expecting a lot of Parasite, then didn't play an anarch all day. Ichi 1s would have been the call), and brought in Ark Lockdown for Blue Level Clearance (didn't use either at any point, so still a flex spot really).

Game 1 vs. Baba Yaga Smoke - I goad the runner on to a Cerebral to give the four brain damage, but then Neural EMP deserts me. I dig and dig knowing that's all I need meanwhile they chip away at R&D to find three agendas, with an FTE, to snatch an unlikely win.

Game 2 vs. Power Tap Andy - An unfortunate timed loss after an epic battle between Whizzard and ETF as runner. They pinched a couple of agendas early while the only ice I can find are code gates. I only have time to Mushin two points back before we have to call it.

Due to my disappointing performance I'm 'rewarded' with the bye in round 3.

Game 4 vs. Noob Kit - Finally pick up a win in strange circumstances. They give themselves a brain damage early to install Femme via Personal Workshop Stimhack. I can't find my Mushins so decide to just install-adv-adv a Cerebral, which they check for two more brains. I then score two PVs with one counter each, before finally finding a Neural and reclaiming it twice to do a three damage kill. That wasn't in the playbook, but they all count.

So 2-2 finish. Really 2-1. Should have been 3-0. With a better pilot and a couple more tweaks I think this deck could do something. Give it a try.