1st Place Cache refresh (24ppl): No penguins allowed

ryanbantwins 2031

This is the corp deck that gave me 1st place at the german National's Cache refresh side event. Both Los and CI went undefeated in 4 rounds of swiss (no bidding). I played against 2xSmoke, Apocalypse Los and a PE-hater Kate. Crimson dust was not legal yet.

I wanted to play something different for my corp deck (something degenerate). And upon looking at the "strong" cards recently printed, my eye felt upon (ultra)violet (level) Clearance. I was suprised that I could make a soft version of my regional winning decklist "No penguins allowed".


Step One: SfMM (Brain rewiring and Show of Force), or biotic Install Install.

Step Two: Place a total of 7 advancement tokens on those agendas in the next two clicks. For this you need 5 ways to cheat out tokens, at least two of them need to give you a click. Options: Biotic, Manta grid (if it fires), Director Haas (put her in the SfMM pile), SfK and Audacity (you can only play one of them and as your last cheat. It is possible that you need to manually advance as well.

Step Three: Score Brain Rewiring and pay for their entire hande. They will have one card left in their hand. Immediately after that, score Show of Force for 2 meat damage. Note that cards like Aaron won't save the runner, since they don't have a paid ablility window in between the scores.


First of all, most of your hard counters are not available. Plascrete is gone, Leela is gone, Vamp is gone, Siphon spam is less scary, Clot is gone, Estrike is in a bad deluxe if you don't play a mini faction and if you do play estike you can't play SoT. So the only cards you have to worry about are protection cards like Biometric spoofing, Citadel or crash space. Most people rely on Aaron to keep them safe, so happy killing. Also nobody expects to play against a CI-combo deck since Acc Diagnostics isn't legal, so nobody is ready for the CI-MU.


*Sadly we don't have a choice, but to pick C&C as our big box (for the ID). There are no real good cards here for the corp. The EffCom is OK as backup and Director Haas is a bad Jeeves (could swap the spot with sansan and cut a Audacity).

*Elective Upgrade: GFI is in the wrong box. Best option for a backup plan.

*Econ: We are missing BLC, and other cards have to make up for that. IPO can be akward to play with the other clearances, so Marilyn and Beanstalk are extra options.

*Hunter Seeker: Our only way to kill protection resources. Or to just blow up a breaker if the runner is too aggressive. Nice speedbump.

*Lack of Vanilla and quandary in CR, so we have to play their big brothers from the Core set.

*FC2 is still better than FC3 in CI imo. Can't just click through it, and it is cheaper to rez.

*Owl: Hehe, was expecting saccon against Hunter Seeker so Owl could be more impactful than a destroyer. It's also cheaper and better vs Dagger. Actually not a bad ICE.

*Would love to play extra SfK or AM (always for VLC) but they are limited in the core set.