Party To The MaxX

Koschei 140

Let's party!!!!!

MaxX and her posse bust through the doors to the club. The music is blaring, drinks in everyone's hand, smoke is engulfing the room. She sends one of her crew to grab some drinks, another to get their usual table cleared of any riff-raff that may have unknowingly chosen the wrong place to be. She takes her drink and props her feet up on the table while another crony lights up her cigarette. "Let's get this party started!" she says. Suddenly the music cuts, and the familiar Rammstein song 'Reise, Reise' begins to play...

Notable Inclusions

Exclusive Party - Why not? She'll trash half of them anyhow, saving you the trouble! It's a nice boost of money, and the draw + money really helps after you Rebirth and use Labor Rights.

Rebirth - A common MaxX inclusion, most of the time you'll want to use Omar, and occasionally Kim will be helpful.

DJ Fenris - For that sweet, sweet Steve recursion.

Wildcat Strike - Neither choice is bad for MaxX. Use it liberally!

Maw - I like this console with her because she's making multiple runs to fuel The Turning Wheel. The corp will be spending half their Spin Doctors to get the stuff you trashed back!

Ice Carver - Great card with the bin breakers. Makes Mausolus, Tollbooth, Engram Flush, and many more a lot cheaper to deal with!

Multithreader - I think that this card is usually a bit clunky to install, but if you can get a couple early on it saves you dozens of credits throughout the course of the game.

Potential Changes - I think that Misdirection deserves special consideration, and was a card I tooled around with. I decided that I preferred the Career Fairs over it, simply because it made the beginning of the match a lot smoother. If you prefer it, you can swap out the Career Fairs and add a third Dirty Laundry.

Starting Hand - Look for Career Fair, Liberated, Sure Gamble, and Dirty Laundry. Against Jinteki you should keep an eye out for your Rebirth, since milling yourself is not in your best interest!

Be aggressive, force rezzes early on to Hippo away, and above all else, party on!