Click Decompression (Stimhack Cache Refresh Tournament 4rd)

WildSam 51

Do you remember you first thought when you saw Kakugo? Mine was «1 unavoidable damage! If BoN then TWO!». For pretty reasonable price and without much setup. But two damage, even unbreakable - not going to stop Runner by itself so rest of the deck tries to amplify that pressure.

There is no good draw option in CR: runners have to go C&C for staples, which leaves Diesels (basically Shaper only), Deuces (mediocre at best and still costs inf) and Aaron. Some Anarchs go for O&C and IHW are great against our game plan tho, but I missed them at Swiss. Also then they lack Levy and people without Levy tend to end up badly against us.

This means every damage is a card and every card is click. Every tag is also a click and Scorches do surprisingly great job when runners tend to lose 3+ cards per steal.

We run Firmwares because Weyland agenda suite is awful in CR anyway so we can force more runs on punishing remote and generate more Seeker triggers. Also they generate profit, especially when we don't want to commit to advancing ICE. 3 clicks and 3 creds off score - that's around HT level of tempo. Even in worst case they can push Ice Walls into mid-range or switch Mausoluses into hard ETR. Or enable Archer. AND enable Archer.

HRIs are econ (which works best when runners stockpile insane money off Temmy instead of contesting first agenda because you're Weyland after all), HT is staple burst econ and Archer fodder, SoF is great: run it and take damage or don't run it and take damage. Even better because Runners don't run when they want to build rig and whole «damage» thing is quite anti-rigbuilding.

Houskeeping also messes with rig building and basically does virtual damage.

Ben adds extra 2 damage. Or you rerun server and get 1 off Kakugo anyway while losing money. Prisec is tag and damage - two clicks at least. Two Prisecs are, like, FOUR clicks! By the way that's how many Runners get per turn.

Bryan makes our econ explode to afford our midrange ICE when runners are too busy with drawing up, breaking thru that midrange ICE and actually installing stuff to keep it safe from random damage (and drawing and installing again because Hunters don't know what «safe» is).

We run extra upgrades over extra Friends because we want those upgrades ASAP and FiHP is more of recovery tool. Every time people cry about FiHP I feel bad because I think it should be used like this and actually is cool card.

Hunter Seeker kills Aaron (our archenemy who feeds on our expendable onepointers and stockpiles 4 clicks off every agenda), breakers, consoles, Mercurs or anything important. 3-of because we want to actually have it when Runner steals.

ICE! Marginal amount of advancables because we don't really advance stuff.

Mausolus is staple ID enabler, painful to break and can't be ignored - tag and net are 2 clicks again.

Veritas over Colossus? Colossus is too expensive for us (when we need it the most), lacks facecheck earlygame and dies to Femme/Dagger anyway. Veritas is great fire-and-forget to slap on centrals, taxing to get thru, taxing to break, punishes facecheck whatever the boardstate and forces breaker by threatening kill if when we get that Bryan trigger.

IP Block is 2-to-rez, 3-to-get-thru. That's good. Feel free to smash in case of influence emergency.

Archer is Archer. Kakugo is center of this deck.

Later in tourney Mass Commercialisation got released and I suspect it may work instead of IPO even if we're not into advances.

Deck is interesting to play: you rush, but you don't go fast like supermodernism fast. You never get true scoring windows but there are always quite an opportunity costs to stealing: you pressure hand, you pressure rig, you pressure money (both with ICE and Bryan threat), you pressure clicks with all that damage and kill threat.

When dust of this chaotic confrontation settles, you should emerge with more points than Runner. Or dead Runner. Whatever. CR lacks good multiaccess so even grinding deck out isn't off the table.

14 Jul 2017 x3r0h0ur

Seems like armored servers and classic sea source scorch are insane here.

14 Jul 2017 stoppableforce

Do you remember you first thought when you saw Kakugo? Mine was «1 unavoidable damage! If BoN then TWO!»

How are you advancing a Kakugo? There's only a handful of cards that can do it and I don't see any of them here (and the bulk of them aren't legal for CR, to boot).

15 Jul 2017 neuropantser

Kakugo is the truth. Congrats on your finish! Did you give any thought to Snare! over Musashi, or was the lack of plausible 3/2s too much of an issue?

16 Jul 2017 WildSam

@x3r0h0ur Inf was tight as hell. Deckslots too. Also unlike with Runner I kept this deck the same for whole Swiss to test original idea. I suppose there is much better version based on same concept yet to be discovered. May be turning Bens into SEA is the thing (Hunter-Seeker is poor man's MCA Informant after all).

@stoppableforce Oh, I don't - there are 5-6 (something like -1 IP Block, +1 Ice Wall, -1 IPO, +1 FiHP) advancable ICE to turn on the ID. I mean just general syngergy between ICE which deals 1 unavoidable-by-breaking damage and ID which deals 1 more.

General issue about true geachecks (0-str ETR barrier, Kakugo is Vanilla statwise) is moment Runner gets breaker they turn into miserable credit tax most economies simply ignore. Even bigger babes (think Bastion which costs same 4 creds) can't really keep out Runner by themselves in our days of explosive Temmy J starts. That's where unbreakable damage shines.

@neuropantser I played a lot of supermodernism back in the day and I just don't feel 2 snares without any recursion (which would be painful to fit in) can do much. Also Bens are much more economical (they ask 3 creds less and can't be sniped for free if we're broke).

Problem with no real neveradvance threat also adds problems - we already can bluff any of our def upgrades as sleeper agenda, but it's easy for runner to ignore. Junebugs could be a interesting alternative but I'm not certain about advancable traps - they're slow and risky.

16 Jul 2017 neuropantser

Fair enough. I am a big fan of Ben in this no-Critic format--and with a Kakugo (or, god forbid, 2) in the scoring server, it's punishing for them to trash him, decline steal, and run back.

One other question--how many Levy did you face this tournament, and was that number relevant? I was on PU and faced one in just about every round, and I think some of that may have been the sideboarding nature of the tourney. I'm willing to bet fewer people slotted Levy when all they saw was Weyland.

16 Jul 2017 WildSam

@neuropantser Levy was relevant thrice.

Once Smoke reset deck to get back bunch of trashed stuff: didn't expect it and went advancing Mausoluses on every server, which was my demise. Also turned out she did run Dai V and it pays 2 stealth for all subs, not like I always did read it.

Once Smoke did reset deck to refill health - it was Cut tho and we played with internet_potato before.

Once Los got decked and locked from all servers - Levy could save him but apparently he didn't expect that much damage.

16 Jul 2017 WildSam

Can't be certain about any other matches because won with flatline most of time.