Slightly Miffed Val (*Yin Yang style) 10th and 22nd at world

yeoda 945

Been working with @shmeguy and @akanderson on this list since obelus was spoiled. Cousin to the West Coast whiz list.

I like this list only because I am lazy and just need blackmail. This list should get even better when you put en passant in.

I don't know about my fellow Hackaholics score - but I went x-2 during swiss and then x-1 at KoS when our team placed 6th

8 Nov 2016 Tomasaki

I hadn't practiced with this list at all before KoS, but I stole it from @shmeguy just to spin it and I went 3-2 on Runner side. One of those losses happened because I ran into a Jinteki player with ludicrous levels of tech against it (turn 1 Clone Retirement Program, for example).

8 Nov 2016 Bilitherubin

That's me! :D The palana honestly is just tech'd against Val and dyper, the two match up I would lose to.

8 Nov 2016 yeoda

Anyone named David is probably just a troll. Don't believe anything they say ;). It was good to meet you at worlds @Bilitherubin

9 Nov 2016 Katsushika

Nice list, what's the story behind Joshua B? Save him for when the Corp is under a lot of pressure (ie. creditless or stacked Mediums)?

My list of people I wanted to win worlds were: 1. Any UK players 2. Timmy Wong or yourself.

Keep up the good work, I enjoy watching your games :)

9 Nov 2016 yeoda

@Katsushika thanks for your kind words :). Joshua B is really nice for the extra click. Some corps also don't want to tag you (HB or 24/7 sync decks). The reasons you mentioned keep josh b going for a few turns. I wouldn't recommend cutting him.

12 Nov 2016 tzeentchling

Frame Job is a consideration for a card. Helps get the bad pub back if they've got Clone Retirement or Liz Mills. You don't want those Global Food anyway.