WACME - top ACME @BLM ;-)

Late 444

Hi there!

A modified version of a deck I received from Baa Ram Wu which I found to be great fun to play.

With the new Banlist online, I was hoping to see less Apoc and ofc DDOS was gone, so one iced servers became a lot better xD! The Style of having Chief Slee and the complete unknown Henry Philips in the Deck is unmatched, but only every Blue Moon did I ever manage a Kill with Slee and Neural and the influence cost isn't low. So I decided on a more conservative approach with some good old HHN, BOOM, Archived Memories and a Consulting visit. The Deck runs a lot of 1-of Operations so both Consulting and Archived seemed good to get the right one for the right situation from the deck or archive when needed.

With Slee gone I thought I could drop an Ice or two, as there was one less remote to protect, bringing the number down to only 14 now. I have to admid, during the tournament I definitely wished I had more a lot of times - especially when the alternative approach was to draw all my Agendas ;-)

Overall I was happy with the performance of the Deck carrying me to be the TOP ACME Player in the tournament ;-) ... aaaaaaaaand it was still fun to play.


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31 Jan 2023 RCG

Dear Late, enjoy your extra Deckslot.