Float like a butterfly, Crush like a Titan (SOCR5)

HiddenAway 932

This was my deck for SOCR5 (Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 5), which ended 3-2 in Swiss (final position TBC). Alongside my Kim deck, I went 6-4, which was not enough for the cut. The plan is basic - score fast and quick before the runner knows what hit them. There's no (I repeat NO) Government Takeover. It's a one of, too much of a liability and takes too long to set up. Instead, RPC a 5/3 and win that way! For the same reason, I didn't take a Hostile Takeover (1 of in cache refresh). It almost cost me a game, but I was lucky enough to have 2 Atlas counters and used Trick of Light to fast advance the final Atlas.

I lost one game since I forgot to take in Sunny's link into account and failed the Punitive trace but Punitive overall was a good threat and got me at least 1 win. Overall, the deck is decent but still swings very wildly between really fast and really bad. I enjoyed it though! Rashida came out just too late for SOCR5 but I feel she will work well in this deck.

(Yes, I made this deck specifically because I came up with the title first)


Kabonesa Wu, Alice Merchant, Steve Cambridge


Kabonesa Wu, Sunny LeBeau