Gauss Rifle (5-0 Japan Netrunner Summit 2017, 1st)

GreedyAlgorithm 59

I am a South Korean and flew to Tokyo for this tournament.
It was the second time to participated in tournament in Tokyo.
All of Japan ANR players are really nice! They welcomed me.
And we also had wrap-up party after competition.
Special thanks to Y.KATO. He held JNS 2017 with great effort.

-1 'Chimera' +1 'The All-Seeing I' from the original one.
Because I worry about Citadel or Tag me Anarch.

Round 1 - Win(Score)
vs DLR Sunny(Daichi)
Sunny has 6 links with 3RB and Console, Access to Globalsec.
I felt helpless.
Finally the security nexus was installed
and I did not open any ice to prevent tagging the opponent.
When he was busy to looking for left parts of the DLR combo(J.Masanori?...),
I scored one ASPP hidden on the remote server and that's all.

Round 2 - Win(Flat line)
vs Rip deal Ken(ガソタム)
He helped me to draw many cards with Fisk Investment ;)
At Turn 4-5 I showed him all the combo parts in my hand.

Round 3 - Win(Flat line)
vs Leela(Mathew)
Same as Round 2 I showed him all the combo parts.
Account siphon was not enough to stop me from playing that insane combo.

Round 4 - Win(Flat line)
vs MAXX(Joshua)
I was feel very honored to be able to play with a talented little runner.
He knows how to against this kind of deck.
He install Maw and run on my HQ every single turn
and he forced me to drop a combo part
He drove me into the corner.
So I just change the plan.
I scored two breaking news and play BOOM! with 24/7

Round 5 - Win(Flat line)
vs Andy(Magikarp)
I gave up protecting my server because I don't have any ice.
He cruelly digging my R&D with the Temujin Contract and Medium.
But I already hold all of combo parts except 24/7.
So I ignored him and finally I drew 24/7 with Mandatory draw.

Anonymous Tip and Special Report are really good.

28 Aug 2017 nodtrio


29 Aug 2017 Wyrm

Congrats! Looks like I really let loose a demon.

29 Aug 2017 GreedyAlgorithm

Wyrm> Yes! You've unleashed pure evil. ^ㅅ^ Thanks for the deck list!