Labbes 378

IAA all the things, make good beales with your opponent. Memedeck for Berlin KoS. Won a game with Junebug into concession due to illegal deck (I was quite tired), won another game with a puppet master and a 4-point beale. I didn't lie when I said it was a good beale. Does not meme hard enough vs Leela.

20 Feb 2018 Klopstock

Is that the list? Didn't you also play Matrix Analyzer? Also, great list, it was great fun to sit next to you shouting "I WANNA PLAY A GAME!" every round

20 Feb 2018 Labbes

Ofc I didn't play Matrix Analyzer, that card rotated. Sheesh. Would I play an illegal deck? How badly you must think of me.

Yes I couldn't find popups so I thought "hey matrix analyzer is a fun janky card" :seenoevil:

20 Feb 2018 Klopstock

The rusing has no limits