Adam likes H2O

Menghini 37

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I really like the Laamb + Surfer combo. I used it once during the Dutch Nationals, but out of Quetzal. I must say that it works better with Adam. I really like how this Adam fits my playstyle (with FtT, SF and NAT directives) : almost free R&D knowledge, not too much runs necessary and a bit of HQ pressure.

Middle to Late game: you can get in any server; Katie gives money, as well as RNG Key and the Multithreaders. Misdirection and Mutlithreader is also a nice combo when you expect Economic Warfare.

Adam won me 2 out of 4 games and together with my corp deck (Nisei Division), brought me a 3rd place. One loss was due to time and not finding agendas (the corp didn't either), the other was very close, but didn't have the tools to prevent a SEA Source - EoI combo.