I'm a Jerk - 2nd Place ETX Regionals

pandapersona 2634

Spark and Exile got to 2nd place at the Seattle EXT regionals. I believe attendance was 40 players. This is the closest I've gotten to creating a pure control deck out of the corp side, as it is designed to explicitly interact with the runner on it's own schedule.

The key to this deck is that it is able to keep the runner consistently at 0-1 credits, which helps reduce the runners options. The challenge is getting the runner to over extend and get them to a low enough credit pool where you can really start to leverage the Spark ability. With only 12 advertisements, your goal is to save them for maximum effectiveness, draining a credit from the runner every turn is cute, but rarely effective. However, if the runner gets to a low credit point, like after stealing an NAPD through a Predictive Algorithms or after trashing a Public Support, you can then get the runner into the awkward poor place against Spark, where you keep them floating under the 4 credit mark.

In addition, this deck forces the runner to spend money on everything, Predictive ends up being a work horse of a card. Not only does it enable News Hound, it also lets you do annoying things like dropping the runner from 2 to 1 credits when attempting to steal an agenda or looking in HQ/RnD.

The last minute addition of Exchange of Information ended up being useful in a lot of power plays. Being able to swap the just scored Breaking News for a 2 or 3 point swing, ditching the runner with 2 tags was clutch in several games throughout the day.

30 May 2016 bluebird503

Really great games man.

30 May 2016 onibaku06

This deck looks really great. Congrats on the second place. Did you see a lot of Film Critic? How would you deal with it?

30 May 2016 pandapersona

I saw quite a bit of Film Critic in Whizzard games and a shaper game, in general Breaking News is the solution to dealing with it. Or in two matches, Breaking News into Exchange of Information, followed up by trashing the next turn.

31 May 2016 forktines

That last game was amazing. I've never played a such a good and difficult game against a deck archetype running so few problem cards, which really speaks to both the quality of the deck and the quality of you as a pilot.

Well played and good luck,


1 Jun 2016 Crazimir

I really like your deck. Any changes you'd make post-tournament?

19 Aug 2017 bromanerik@live.se

How is this deck legal with 3x Astroscript? Did I miss something?

24 Aug 2017 Crazimir

It used to be legal - before Astroscript got restricted to "one per deck".