Moral High Ground MaxX (1st Place FL Regional)

stephenball 998

Leading up to the Florida regional, I was very negative about the meta being so dominated by the CV/Zero pairing, being so obviously busted that it was clearly the best. I don't bristle at everything that's really good, but there's been a few things that have come out in the games life that I just haven't wanted to play, CV/Zero being one of them.

So I decided to bring something similar to what I've been playing for years, just a deck that plays good base fundamentals really well, and had incredible success, only dropping one game on the day (a casual game played against Rewiring CI while we ID'd in the last round).

The strategy should be pretty simple just looking at the list. Patchwork is your workhorse, that's why we're on 3, you always want to get it ASAP. Get lots of money, play lots of multi access cards, steal agendas.

Patchwork MaxX is super fun and super good, and will only get better when we get the new MWL, where you can probably cut your third Maker's for a Clone Chip, since D4 is such a powerful card. Honestly, finding space for a 3rd D4 might be a good thing to look into. If you're in a matchup where you need them, you'll have them, in a matchup where you don't need them you can pitch them to Patchwork.

19 Aug 2018 Sapph0

YAYYYYYYYY Congratulations, Stephen!!!!

I'm playing something super similar, but with pol-op instead of the turning wheel and I didn't think to include citadel, but i was glad to see you had it in the final game.

Can always count on you if I want to lose some straightforward games of Netrunner haha.

19 Aug 2018 neuropantser

Congrats on the win, well deserved! Love the amount of influence on core multiaccess here. chef kiss emoji

If you do bring in Chip with new MWL, do you think Clot is worth a look, or is a third D4 higher priority?

20 Aug 2018 stephenball

@neuropantser I wouldn’t play Clot. Post MWL I’m not scared of decks FA’ing on me, I’m not really scared of them now when there’s good ones. I feel like most people that would mainly FA are going to be too scared to bring those decks to tourneys for fear of Clone Chip anyway. D4 just seems better.

22 Aug 2018 MrBuggles

Would you consider going even further and cutting the second levy for a second clone chip and an aumakua (and staying at 2 D4). Or do you think you need the second levy for potentially long slogs versus jinteki glacier and 6-agenda Azmari?

23 Aug 2018 stephenball

@MrBuggles I don't think I would want to cut the second Levy. You don't play it that often, but having two is a nice safety net and allows you to use your SOT's more liberally on Stimhacks or Makers. In testing I have just played Levy early just to get all my D4's and Makers back, so I like having two. I have considered cutting Wheel for an Aumakua if I'm playing a Clone Chip though.

23 Aug 2018 Maëlig

Congrats. Did you try District 99 at all ? If so why did you chose not to include it ?

23 Aug 2018 MrBuggles

Thanks for the response! I instantly put aumakua in once I made my own post MWL list, it’s so good with sucker and carver and CC, so I 100% agree with that change

23 Aug 2018 stephenball

@Maëlig I didn't try it. I think it's a good card, and could be a reasonable include, but I don't think it fits this list as much as the CV lists. I wouldn't think someone was crazy for playing it, and for all I know I'm crazy for not playing it.

@MrBuggles Cool, I'm glad it's working, I've gone back and forth on the idea of it.

24 Aug 2018 Haberdash

What's the game state you want citadel sanctuary for? Would you consider cutting it?

26 Aug 2018 MrBuggles

So with people inevitably teching against D4 with Navi Mumbai, would you consider finding a spot for polop? Or do you think it's a waste of influence most of the time?

26 Aug 2018 zmb

Well done! Did similar and brought ApoKim to regional having a blast

26 Aug 2018 stephenball

@Haberdash It's in there for CTM and Weyland, which I ended up not playing against and thus, never installed it on the day. It's really good against those decks, but it's a valid cut to make room for other things.

@MrBuggles PolOp is reasonable, just don't know what I'd cut for it. It's a great card, and will be good in matchups, but just having Ice Carver and Stimhack can probably carry you through.