6 Biotics CI - 3rd place, Malaysia Nats2017 @ CnH

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6 Biotics CI - 3rd place, Malaysia Nats2017 @ CnH

Pretty much the usual CI build with the use of Shipment from Tennin while the runner is setting up or under MCA AP restraint (also works well if the runner plays Peace in Our Time but I didn't see any on that day).

Shipment from Tennin works as a pretty effective pseudo Biotic Labor that works with Efficiency Committee's ability.

Scoring an early Elective Upgrade gives the runner huge pressure due to the extra clicks it can give. Efficiency Committee allows the use of MCA Austerity Policy to be much more effective. Only 1 Bryan Stinson because pretty much everyone plays around him nowadays. No Cyberdex Virus Suite because I felt that it would have been a dead card in most games.

Tournament Report:

Undefeated in Swiss (4-0)

Round 1 vs. Nasir Meidan played by Haq

Round 2 vs. Edward Kim played by JJ

Round 3 vs. Null (Counter Surveillence) played by Zaid

Round 4 vs. Edward Kim played by Jeff

Won first 2 games vs. Ayla and Edward Kim (same one from round 2) in the top cut carrying me to Top 4.

Round 1 against Haq (Nasir) - Nasir gave me a bit of a headache earlier on in the game but I eventually got Bryan Stinson out and double Ultraviolet Clearence gave me everything I need to lock down the game.

Round 2 against JJ (Eddy) - Eddy got a slow start while I managed to get clearances and set up defences early. Then scoring an early Elective Upgrade with 2 more Project Vitruvius in hand ended the game within the next 2 turns.

Round 3 against Zaid (Null) - This match took a while but luckily I wasn't flooding when the runner played Counter Surveillence for 10 to my HQ (Only 1 agenda in 12 cards in HQ).

Round 4 against Jeff (Eddy) - Again, I managed to ice up and set up a decent remote with Jeeves in it and started scoring out

Top Cut Upper Bracket R1 against CL (Ayla) - I had a quick setup but was blocked for a bit by Clot + SacCon so I spent 2 turns to purge before more SacCons were found. I eventually was able to start using MCA AP which allowed me to Shipment from Tennin to score.

Top Cut Upper Bracket R2 against JJ (Eddy) - Pretty much a repeat of Round 2.

Final Thoughts:

CI would be my vote for the deck to beat in the current meta. MCA Austerity Policy gives the Corp such a strong way to tax the runner by making them lose a click. Sure the Corp also loses a click, but in CI, the clicks are so compressed in the form of clearences, it doesn't affect the Corp as much even more so if Jeeves is online.