SeaMaws's V2

LHSimon 1

Publishing my Regionals decks so that others can learn from my mistakes...

Despite having a Leela deck I knew really well and was pretty happy with, the night before Regionals I decided to swap to Seamus' SeaMaw deck from Euro Nationals (

In my very limited testing, I felt that an extra Déjà Vu was needed, as well as a Salsette Slums. I also swapped out one of the Paperclips for a Corroder for an extra level of Ark Lockdown protection.

It ended up going 2.5 for 4 on the day (in one match it pulled a draw from the jaws of defeat after time had been called). The only loss it had was after getting Hard-Hitted, then Consulting Vist/Boomed.

The deck does an excellent job of keeping your options open. Will play again.