[Startup] Good stuff Pudmu (1st Brussels GNK)

ryanbantwins 2433

With Endurance and Turbine being so prevalent in the startup meta, corps are using a lot more ICE that is taxing besides just its strength and subroutines (tollbooth, anvil, funhouse, Mestnichestvo). Hence the inclusion of Hush and Femme. The rest is just good stuff, and mandatory protection (Pinhole and NFL).

3 Apr 2023 Skandrino

Why Spark of Inspiration when most of your programs are so cheap?

3 Apr 2023 ryanbantwins

I didnt want to rely solely on Into the Dephts to find my programs, and with SMC gone there aren't a lot of options. Also with Endurance in play it often doesn't matter that much which program you get, you just need a program so that it can take some pressure of Endurance. Originally it was only 1 Spark and a Mutual Favour, which I prefer, but I needed the influence.

Value wise it's still decent with mid cost programs imo. You often pay almost the same as you would with a mutual favour (install cost), but you just have to be happy with whatever it gives you :)