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My take on World Tree Ayla, one of my favorite decks in Startup that I'm sad to see leave with rotation, and probably doesn't have a place in future Standard with Ayla rotating eventually as well.

This is an engine deck for those who love tutoring. The gameplay is fairly straightforward - Use Ayla's ability alongside mulligans to find World Tree or a Test Run to get World Tree. Use Mayfly liberally and stack it's trigger after World Tree in order to power out powerful suite of breakers and juice them up with K2CP Turbine. If you don't need a particular breaker, grab Conduit for the win condition or Fermenter for money.

World Tree also works on Resources and Hardware. Don't be afraid to give up the last tick on Liberated Account or Telework Contract to tutor up more money. Tutor out Verbal Plasticity early. It will smooth out all of your draws and keep you giving you options. Cycle excess LilyPADS into DZMZ or Docklands.

Your ideal Hardware set up is one of each. Use excess copies of them to tutor up the other two. Having seven MU is important. The end goal program suite (Breakers + Conduit + Turbine) requires five MU, and World Tree makes seven. Manage your MU well. Remember that Mayfly costs two MU, and sequence accordingly. Don't pull breakers until you need them. An extra DZMZ is useful for running the full suite alongside a Fermenter.

Environmental Testing and LilyPAD trigger off of World Tree tutors. Don't forget these triggers. They are very important part of the engine. Don't be afraid to Test Run back a Mayfly or Fermenter for triggers and tutors.

The remaining cards are all meta calls. Nuka is generically good draw. Docklands is generically good multi-access. Both can be tutored. Pinhole can get clear out a clogged server. Stoneship is your tool to beat End of the Line, can charge Environmental Testing in a pinch, and can be tutored.

The deck is full of small synergies and rewards good tutoring and reps with the deck. I've had a blast playing it, and hope you do as well!

There are a good number of deckslots to play with for different metas/matchups/safety nets. Adjust to your meta accordingly. I've had all of the following in the deck at different points and they were all good in different scenarios. I'm sure other cards would be good too. Short list:

  • 3rd DZMZ

  • 3rd Fermenter

  • Buzzsaw

  • Clot

  • Daeg, Netcat

  • Wheels

  • Hush

  • Free Lunch

  • Smartware Distributer (was surprisingly good, because it's decent late game money tutor fodder)

30 Jan 2024 emainsail

Your take on the World Tree Ayla deck is fantastic! The way you've outlined the gameplay and the strategic use of cards like Mayfly and Conduit really showcase the depth of the deck. It's always tough to say goodbye to a beloved deck during rotation, but your thorough explanation and insights make it a memorable farewell. Best of luck in adapting to the evolving meta with new deck creations! tunnel rush