Apoc MaxX - 50th at Ntscape Navigator's SC 05.2021

Jascha 28

A huge thank you for Aki and everyone else involved in these Store Championships, and also to my 4 opponents, Sixtyten, Ilksvorbern, Yew and Osclate who were a blast to play against!

After starting to play again a mere week ago, I was a little lost regarding the meta: Hivemind Maxx felt a little above my paygrade and I was not really comfortable building a Shaper or Crim deck from scratch. But I heard a rumor that Apoc was good actually and so I decided to revive the deck I played 6 years ago: Apoc MaxX with Account Siphon.

Basic Game Plan

  1. Apply pressure and keep the corp on their toes with Diversion Of Funds, Imp and maybe Mining Accident. Maybe Stargate as well.
  2. Stay rich meanwhile and draw through your deck as fast as possible (Vigil helps) 2.5 Recusion of key pieces with Labor Rights probably necessary
  3. Play Apoc
  4. Keep up pressure with Stargate and DoFs


I lost most of my games with this deck. The details elude me already (brain is mush) but parts of it are skill and econ.


There are some clear misplays to avoid:

  • Don't discard Labour Rights if you don't know you'll get them back
  • Don't miscalculate and be unable to apoc by 1 cred (-.-)

Also, my opponents were great players. As a player I regularly struggle to keep pressure up without bankrupting myself and they were able to capitalize on that.


My econ choices are probably wrong. Wildcat Strike never felt good. Mining Accident was good once but was probably a trap in most other games. Also, as alludet to before: I usually was very poor. So probably more is the right call regarding econ in this deck. At least for my play style. Diversion of Funds is not as impactful as I remember Account Siphon to be (it still feels great though).


...there was no game where I did feel like the game was over. All my losses were super tense and a nailbiting experience. I got apoc of in all of them (as far as I recall) and the Diversion of Funds felt mostly powerful.

Even if this is far from the best deck atm - it makes for great games, so I'm really glad I went with it! After all, losing is one of the most fun things you can do in netrunner :P

Other deck is a basic Seamless AG: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/65607/seemless-ag-50th-at-ntscape-05-2021