Iberian Lockdown 4 GNK 3-1

Cucin 242

Due to special rules of Iberian Lockdown 4 (some of normal used cards were restricted) I have to change some cards in my deck which I played on previous tournament (was pubished and subscribe here https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/59137/the-best-seidr-i-have-ever-played-gnk-3-1-almost-4-0 So i had to cut one SSL Endorsement and one Mumbad Virtual Tour and add one more Corporate Sales Team and one Hyperloop Extension (but i think better would be third Vitruvius instead of Hyperloop). So that was it. Deck is still good for tournaments like this (GNK diversified portfolio). Results was same as in previous tournaments so i finished with 3:1, almost 4.0 (if runner would not steal last agenda points through access on R&D, he would be dead in that run with combo of Ganked and rezed Chyiashi).

So I am still satisfied with the deck how it is

Thanks to all players which was attendace on that tournament and special thanks to Vesper for organization and commentation the tournament. It was pleasure.