Guantanamo Bay Bay

bking 278

The Shadow Realm

This is the deck that I took to 2nd at the Toronto CO, it went undefeated against Zahya, Nexus 419, Esa and Hoshiko.

Thank you to everyone who helped work on this deck. Especially Marik.

Unband 4eva


24 May 2023 Bridgeman

Would you beg, if I asked you to beg?

24 May 2023 Jinsei

Would you flee from my awesome might?

24 May 2023 Baa Ram Wu

The best and worst thing about this deck:

24 May 2023 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)


24 May 2023 Meryu 1.0

This is the world we live in now.

24 May 2023 Zerothmaxima

Please stop making aginf prison decks

28 May 2023 Sauc3

I think this might be too much even for me...

31 May 2023 percomis

That licking gif is cursed.

I assume 59 cards to have the smallest agenda density possible? Plus how's the deck against Pinholes? I guess diffusing the Pinhole with boop to remote is usually enough?

31 May 2023 bking

@percomis yes, it’s to have a ridiculous agenda density. And the ability helps to stop pinhole threading.

31 May 2023 Bilby