Smoke - Security Consultant

ff0X 819

Straight forward Smoke deck with the big difference of playing Security Testing and the addition of the new RNG Key.

First, a thank you to @ryanbantwins for demonstrating at the SC Düsseldorf that Sec Testing in Smoke really works.

@Jackmade and myself tinkered a lot with different versions and settled on this one. Sec Testing helps a lot with building turning wheel counters and net mercur credits. An open server is punished quite severely by a huge economic advantage for the runner.

During the community tournament in Berlin I lost against Brain Rewiring CI because I didn't install Sac Con with SMC to drag out the game more to get another shot to find the Spoofing. Lost to Lunatic CI due to my stupidity. Timed win against PU, because I didn't realize time was called. Win against Hydra, win against Reversed CI, and a win against Scorpios.

19 Feb 2018 Longi

Hi Alexander. Really nice build of criminal Smoke, thanks for sharing it with us. It was pleasure to face you again and I am looking forward to having a rematch at Euros.