rm -rf / (1st place socr8)

groenkaaf 1153

gabe went 8-1 overall and was undefeated in the cut.

going into the tourney, we all pretty much agreed that some variant of a shaper deck with 3x stimhack and crowdfunding was going to dominate (see skry's Wu list for an excellent version with Aesop's). this led to a lot of tagstorm weyland on the corp side (and 3x raven made this even more viable), which is an easy game for gabe because they either overcommit to the remote or try to keep up with your central pressure and never end up scoring.

atman (3) solves a lot of problems with the breaker suite available, so taking C&C was an easy choice and also gives us inti instead of the unplayable tycoon. splashing for draw and breakers leaves us pretty inf-starved for multiaccess (at one point i had a maker's eye over ika), so we need to generate as much value off of single accesses as possible. to this end, bankroll was in the deck for a while, but caused MU issues and was always worse than datasucker, so it got cut for PAD tap, which fit nicely with the rest of the denial suite.

diesel over procon bc we are already rich as af and, once all the HPTs are accounted for, we don't mind going tagme.

kevintame was recording the semifinal, but my turn 1 DoF, laundry, embezzle for 8 (ending on a cool 21 creds) broke his hard drive.

18 Jan 2019 internet_potato

trash-talking Tycoon when you have 3 pad taps? smh

great job and tight list.

18 Jan 2019 groenkaaf

"here's a cred for me and 2/3 of the money you need to deny me that cred for you"

21 Jan 2019 yojimbosteel

Type this deck name into your terminal, it will fix the driver issue you're having O_o