1st Place SC Antwerp: Diaper (5-1)

ryanbantwins 2433


        **It's called diaper because it's so full of shit**

This is the deck that I played at the Antwerp Store Championship. It went (5-1) with wins against ETF, AoT, midseason CTM, Hasty CI and Railgun NEH and a loss against IG49.

I suppose you all know how this lovely deck works. So the only thing to talk about is about a few choices. I have messed around a bit with amped up but now with Peace in our Time that influence is better spent. It also feels good to be able to play a second DDoS again.

        **It's called diaper because only babies use it**

Double Escher and Brahman to stop any ABT-Blue Sun Schenanigans.

Figured NACH would be enough to keep me safe and it did it's job against railgun.

No Aaron, beth, astrolabe, ... because they are just to slow. You should try to combo between turn 6 and turn 9, at that point those cards haven't paid off yet.

Mulligan for economy/draw and maybe even leprechaun. Ideal turn one is Peace in our Quality Time.

        **It's called diaper because your opponent will shit himself when he sees it**
25 Feb 2017 rezwits

I see nothing wrong with this deck because it actually makes use of cards that see no play. It won, thats cool. But being a deck that makes use of lonely cards that HAVE been printed, is just another day of "As the (netrunner) world turns" I can't believe people want to ban this so called Diaper list...or cards in it...