Still Scamming (1st in Malaysian Regionals 2018)

str4atman 153

Based off Scamshop, with -1 Inside Job -1 Legwork -1 Turning Wheel, -1 Caldera, +3 Diversion of Funds, +1 Feedback Filter.

This deck helped me to get just within the Top 4 cut for Malaysian Regionals (11 players), with a 5 - 1 win/loss ratio, with the sole loss due to a n00b mistake of running against CtM on Turn 1 while floating less than 8 credits at the end of the turn.

Thanks to MWL2.2, Bryan Stinson has dropped off the scene as most Corps chose to take either GFI or Surveyor as their restricted card, so I didn't have to worry about being poor while setting up my rig. Definitely wouldn't have been able to secure the Regionals trophy if more Corps were on Bryan.

Turns out for once, Feedback Filter was completely useless as I expected the local Meta to play net damage as usual, and didn't find a use for it all day. I'm not sure where to spend that extra influence though.

Apart from replacing Abagnale with Amina, I'm not sure what other changes I could make to the deck. Amina would be another good target for Credit Kiting as paying 7c to get through Mausolus with Abagnale isn't fun.