[Glacier Kill] CS:NGO

ggDropbear 229

3rd at Good Games Adelaide Store Champs

Swiss: Win (Wu, Killed), Win (Kim, Killed), Loss (CT), Intentional Draw

Top 4: Loss (Valencia) to Lower Bracket, Win (CT, Killed) to Lower Bracket Finals, Runner Loss

General Plan: Build scoring server, if runner is broke or can't fetch the breaker score a 5/3, if runner has breakers install advance advance, let them steal and spend all the money, then Punitive Counterstrike to kill them. Echo Chamber for the 7th point.

TL;DR worked exactly once, and is probably better off being removed. Fairchild 3.0 is fun but another Current to set up News Hound would have been a safer choice. Rest is mostly standard, with a big shoutout to EULA for cementing this as the deck to run - 6 credits is just too hard to go through and is a really powerful tax on any server.

Also, Biased Reporting is the most high-risk high-reward card - play it if you know everyone is playing Shaper Resource economy for a 14 credit return, or have it be a dead card in the "let's not install anything" Anarch decks.