Grinding Station || APAC 22 Mediocrity - 100% Cool Rate

Huggernautilus 75

Sometimes you get to Mitosis out an NGO front and a trap, put a Tyr out, and say go. Sometimes runners forget that you're PE and steal an Obokata with 4 cards in the grip. Sometimes they get the right read and you just lose.

Ganked! is there to punish Pinholes or to force runners back through expensive/deadly puzzles for having the audacity to trash a Bladderwort.

You can kill extremely early with a poorly timed face-check, the runner not checking both Mitosis targets, the runner checking both Mitosis targets, or the runner stealing Obokata and leaving a Sting! or BitW on the table. BitW is fairly often the killshot, sometimes it's just a 2/2, sometimes it's a liability and you're stuck holding 4 points for 20 minutes.

Unless you catch the runner with an sneaky flatline, it's gonna be a grind. Remember: we're here for a long time, not a good time.