man standing on car shouting "the end is nigh" (8th @ Euros)

twisty_b 645

Blow things up. Blow them up again. At some point in that process, you'll probably find seven points, but on the off chance you don't: blow them up a third time.

Thanks go to:

@rusefus for his excellent mentoring over the last few months, and for beating my various 419 decks so many times that I eventually gave up and returned to the sweet embrace of the Apocalypse.

@swiftie for his Apoc Val shell, a 46-card 10-influence list called DO NOT CHANGE ANY OF THESE CARDS. I … changed some of the cards. Sorry.

@motionblur for the idea of including Bhagat, which I promptly and shamelessly stole. In the search for post-Apoc pressure I'd found Stargate slightly awkward, Maker's Eye underwhelming, and Deep Data Mining annoyingly illegal. Megaphone man is cheap, disruptive, synergistic with Omar, and most of all a great excuse to use the Euros alt from a couple of years ago.

Perhaps he should have been another money or draw card. Perhaps. But would that have been as fun? No.

Went 3-0 in Swiss, beating Tightrope Azmari, SSO, and Argus. Then, after several IDs and a Corp-side tie-breaker, I ran into @nemamiah in the losers' bracket of the top 8. Doesn't seem like something that should be allowed. The Argus match-up is somewhere between interesting and tricky at the best of times, since a random tag here and there can really ruin your world-ending plans and much of their ice is very awkward. Eventually I got blown up. Fair's fair.

Finally, and at the risk of repeating myself, Netrunner's great, isn't it? Fun game, lovely people, good times. Thanks to all.

2 Jun 2019 emilyspine

Congrats Andi, what an amazing result!

2 Jun 2019 twisty_b

Thanks :D

3 Jun 2019 Swiftie

I can't believe you changed some cards...

3 Jun 2019 percomis

I ran into @nemamiah in the losers' bracket of the top 8. Doesn't seem like something that should be allowed.


Congrats on the finish and thank you for not getting paired against me! :D

3 Jun 2019 twisty_b

@Swiftie I can only beg forgiveness.

@percomis solidarity, thanks, likewise. and you're most welcome :)