NoDirectivesNeeded(1st @American Continentals)

Cahuita 402

This is the list from Whiteblade111 (or isn't this just the NWE deck from worlds 2021?). It was the first time I played Adam in a tournament and what can I say, it was great. While the games with the Sports deck went as expected, I had a lot of very nerve-wracking moments with this deck. It only lost one game against an ACME Boom deck where I couldn't deal with Drago fast enough.

I lost all Directives in 3 games and after the first moment of shock, you can totally relax and go crazy. After all, it can't get much worse. I will never forget the game against Jose-san's Asa deck in which he trashed all my cards with Ganked and Ansel. After a year of Netrunner break and only 2 weeks of preparation, it hit me completely unprepared and I probably haven't looked so "WHAT?!?" in a long time....jose-san will always have a special place in my heart;)

I would like to thank all my opponents and everyone who made this weekend happen. I had a fantastic time and met a lot of great people who I hope to meet again soon.

Many thanks to Gegenzeit and Tradon for the last minute training and the South German Runners group for their moral support and cheering me on throughout the tournament.

30 Aug 2022 Watzlav

Congratulations! Your games were absolutely thrilling to watch. Well played.

30 Aug 2022 Jose-san

I'm glad I made an impression xD

Congratulations! Very well played!

30 Aug 2022 ilksvorbern

Wait, isn't this the NEW deck from worlds 2021?

Congratulations :D

31 Aug 2022 Saja_PL

Congratulations. The best console in the world.

31 Aug 2022 f1l0u

Which Directives do you play with thsis?

31 Aug 2022 vesper

Congratulations once more! Board wipe? Hah, can't stop a determined Runner ;-) That games was amazing to watch, from both perspectives! there a particular grilled cheese sandwich recipe you prefer over others? Pommes shared the story and I decided to celebrate your win with said sandwich the next time we meet in person (and there's a place suitable for producing one).

1 Sep 2022 Cahuita

@f1l0u in 99% of all games I use Find the Truth, Neutralize All Threats and Safety First

@vesper Thanks, I'm still all hyped up. Can't wait to get the sandwich. You can't do much wrong with a grilled cheese sandwich, surprise me. But a candle with the meal would be nice;)