But *why* is Kanel? (3-1, 11th @ AMT Oct)

anarchomushroom 757

i completely forgot AMT was happening and only decided to play about a minute before the player meeting. I've been playing this deck a bunch on jnet so i said fuck it ill play it cuz its sick.

it's the same list as nwe's but with -1 seamless -1 enigma +1 magnet +1 malia. the bladderworts are probably the cuttable cards cuz seamless fucken slaps but i haven't missed it a whole tonne

went 3-1, beating esa, hoshiko, and hoshiko, losing to hoshiko

round 1 replay

round 2 replay

round 3 replay

round 4 replay (241)

30 Oct 2023 percomis

Malia as Bones/Wheels hate I guess? Sounds like a cool idea, but missing out on triple-advance Seamless Bellona seems sus.

30 Oct 2023 anarchomushroom

yeah there's been times where seamless would've been extremely useful to have. But malia also just super nifty to have do idk yet. Probably worth playing seamless so I don't have to deal with trying to malia a liberated account on jnet casual

30 Oct 2023 Watzlav

I haven't played this deck, but wouldn't -2 Marilyn, +1 Balanced Coverage, +1 Seamless do the trick? I'm always puzzled when I see Marilyn and DBS in one deck.