Fast(?) Advance - 3rd at NYC Startup CO

rural_octopus047 95

Midnight Sun's greatest contribution to Weyland was in the booster and enables this deck to never have to keep an agenda on the board. Running 7 3/2s was enough to go 3-1 in swiss and 1-1 in the cut, losing to @shiiuga's Boat and @internet's Hoshiko. An early Azef managed to sink the boat from hand but agenda flood and a Clot on board made that game a real struggle, and @internet was able to lock down R&D late game and score the win off of The Twinning while my win was in hand. That winning combo was, of course, Any Three/Two and Trick of Light -- a match made in Cayambe heaven. The real trick is drawing the pieces in the right order, but Spring and Spin Doctor help with that and Spinny helps to cycle back TOLs that have already scored for you. Keeping R&D heavily iced with a Cayambe in front can keep out runners while you have your TOLs in hand and your agendas in the deck. Keeping a Wall to Wall rezzed in a remote is huge value for money and cards but also an easy target for a set-up runner since you're focused on protecting centrals. Fortunately you have 3 of them, so even dropping them to the board with no intent to rez keeps the runner busy or provides an easy trash for when you score that Azef. The Offworld Office is not for scoring unless you're sure the remote is safe for a turn, but having no 3 pointers keeps the runner honest since they have to steal 4 agendas for the win. Hortum is high enough strength to be annoying and a fully buffed Pharos is tough for all fracters and even boat to break. Winchester is notably worse than Archer but doesn't require a forfeit, plus it's great to watch the runner spend on traces early when you know you have nothing but ice in hand.

Huge thanks to all who played and made this tournament a ton of fun, and a massive shoutout to @kysra for being a wonderful TO!

25 Jul 2022 Blackwing

Do you ice a remote at all with this deck or only use trick of light?

25 Jul 2022 rural_octopus047

The only time I scored out of a remote was against clot and it was very early in the game. Generally I'll put one ice on a remote (akhet/hortum/ice wall) to protect an early wall to wall, but once the runner could get in I'd TOL the advancements off of it then that ice would wait to get trashed by Azef

26 Jul 2022 Ralphinator

How do you deal with clot without Mavirus?

26 Jul 2022 rural_octopus047

@ralphinator Clot is a serious bane here. If it's already installed there are plenty of turns that you'll have nothing in hand and it makes sense to just purge away instead of clicking for credits. If it's being threatened by SMC or Simulchip it might make sense to force it out on a Hostile Takeover or by IAing an agenda in the iced remote and making the runner earn it. Ideally it's the Offworld since that's the one piece that doesn't play well with FA anyway. Mavirus was a definite consideration; you could drop a Sprint or two for the influence but I think it would be tough to have in hand at the right time. You won't really have the remote secure enough to have it sit on board so you'd need to drop it once Clot was on the board