RevCore Weyland glacier

internet_potato 961

This is the Weyland deck I played in round 1 of FightingWalloon's S3C (Stimhack 3-Core) teaching tournament. Decks are built from 3 copies of the Revised Core Set, and players can change IDs/decks throughout the tournament. I wanted to play each faction over the course of the tournament.

In the revised core, fracters are not great. Battering Ram and Morning Star are the two best options. Without support, Morning Star can't deal with Hadrian's Wall or an advanced Ice Wall. Battering Ram is less binary, but still a big tempo hit for the runner to install (and is easier to tax out at minimum 2 per ICE).

This deck simply aims to rush behind cheap ETR ICE in the early game and lock the runner out in the late game with high-strength barriers. While BABW has the best econ in the revised core, I found in a few test games that I was rarely able to afford Ash 2X3ZB9CY traces without getting too poor to score the protected agenda. So, I switched it to Red Herrings which I think may be sufficient to open scoring windows in this environment to close the game (especially in conjunction with False Lead). A few Trick of Light, give you an out for late game remote lock.

Round 1 can be watched here, round 5 can be seen here.