Banana Bread - Sovereign of Subways Winner

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Runners are fast so you have to be faster.

Employee Strike has been yeeted into the trash so you always GET DAT BREAD.

One cred a turn is extremely potent in the current meta game where games are often decided by margins of less than three credits.

The guiding ethos of this deck is that we have a lot of ice that is bad for each faction in its own way and a ton of money.

The most important thing to realize is that no corp can win by only taxing runners on money, you can only win by taxing them on clicks and cards. The best decks: Argus, Palana, Titan, Asa Rush, these decks say you don't have enough clicks and/or cards to deal with what is going on

We also have access to eight Nisei token like effects, which we can use to end high impact runs and force runners through a Kakugo remote. Things like Khusyuk, Legwork, Turning Wheel, the third run before Apocalypse, etc.

The deck went 4-2 on the day though one loss was razors edge close and one of the better games of netrunner I have ever played.

On playstyle note, this is the first time I have ever played a Jinteki deck and felt like the deck was mine, came together, and that I played well.

I think this is one of the better corp decks in the current meta game, testing went extremely well and my loses were to the Wurevoir deck and a lost TFP psi game when the runner would not be able to steal after that run.


3x Nisei is your most honest Nisei token and also the best 4/2 in netrunner period.

3x Obokata is your most powerful game closer, late game a 2-3 Kakugo server with a scored Nisei and a Bio Vault/BC can be a guaranteed score. This play is even better now that runners lean on stimhack to keep up or set up.

1x Philotic is for bluffing as an upgrade or a rashida when the runner is fatigued and not willing to check it.

1x TFP keeps our agenda suite small and defends itself well enough that with our taxing servers they cannot run back in to get it.


Everything here is pretty self explanatory. I went with 2 NGO and 3 Rashida because I wanted to focus on going faster. Also I already have Bio Vault to bluff as an agenda.

You can get a cool Rashida alt art HERE

And a cool NGO HERE


1x Attitude Adjustment is to fight early flood and also to draw for agendas and tools when I need them. Several times in testing and once in the tournament I used it, shuffled back one agenda, install - advanced a Nisei MK II, and they didn't check it because they assumed it was a Vault or an NGO.

3x Celebrity Gift is because money is good and so is Kysra's alt art which you can find HERE

3x Hedge get that bread

3x IPO get that dough

1x Pre-emptive because people trash defensive upgrades and you trash Border Control.


2x Batty is one of the best defensive upgrades in the game, especially when you are rich and can always bet 2.

2x Bio Vault is the MVP of this deck because it can be used on any run, not just runs on the remote. The impact this has on combo runners is backbreaking.

1x Letheia Nisei sends you back out to deal with the Border Controls and Kakugos on the remote without me having to use a Nisei counter or a BC.


Welcome to the 19 ice party where we have something for every runner!

3x Border Control is incredible in almost every rush or glacier build but its especially strong with Kakugo where a rerun may not be possible or may reduce cards in hand below Obokata stealing range. It is also good as a one of on centrals to stop Apocalypse, Khusyuk, etc. You can get an alt art of this card featuring Alex White and Chris Dyer HERE

2x IP Block sucks for Wurevoir, sucks for Aumakua, sucks for Corroder. It is cheap muddy ice.

3x Kakugo is the primary taxing agent of this deck. In 2 games at the tournament (almost a third, see close game listed above). I shredded the runners cards to the point that they could never steal an Obokata.

3x Aiki is for cheap and taxing for the two most popular decoders. It is 4-5 with Engolo, 3 for Black Orchestra. It is also a way of doing faux net damage. Players almost always let the psi game for draw fire. When they are at max hand size I would pay one, forcing them to draw, gaining one from Palana. Now if they don't install those cards its like I did two net damage to them for the purposes of running them out of cards for Obokata. This ice is also real taxing for Ankusa shenanigans.

2x DNA tracker is for anarchs.

2x Slot Machine is for everyone, its taxing , its cheap, its fun. What a great gift Wilfy gave us. You can get Alexis' great alt art for this card HERE

1x Thimblerig is to move everything around and tax anarchs that aren't playing Aumakua

3x Anansi is for killing bold people and taxing Anarchs and Nanotek shapers. You can get a spooky AF alt art for this card HERE

This is my list, I want to thank my amazing team for being so incredible both at and away from the table and everyone involved with making the tournament happen, especially Riotprl and Stan.

19 May 2019 sengir80

Hi Dan, I just piloted a similar list to today Italian Regional with some little changes: - Attitude - Breached -2 ip block +1 thimblerig +1 fast track +1 Afshar +1 Slot machine Went 3-2 swiss+top winning with 419, Smoke, Lat and losing to different 419 and Smoke My suggestion is to try to find space for 3 Scarsity, I missed them all the tournament because after setup todays runners are difficult to keep out. Good deck anyway!

22 May 2019 fgcsem4n

Why is Letheia Nisei isntead of a third Batty?