ObVerseer Matrix - 1st at CBI

leachrode 1202

A slightly updated version of the Urban Renewal/Drago/End of the Line Ob deck I published a few weeks ago to bring in a couple of Overseer Matrixes. They make you much less dead to Apoc (sitting 2 in the remote with an asset means Apoc gives the runner 6 tags) and make it way harder for the runner to sit on a pile of money and fight the Renewals with Pinhole and breakers without dipping into HHN range. They're also another 1 cost thing you can fetch by repeatedly Excavating your Marilyns which is nice.

This went 4-2 in the event, winning against 3 Hoshikos and a Sable, losing to a Hoshiko and getting demolished by RongyDoge on 419 in the cut. Now it's a known quantity and the lines are getting a bit clearer I think this is firmly in the tier 1.5-2 area rather than in tier 1 but it's still really fun to play and can pull out a bunch of surprises that the runner has to deal with. The shell is also quite flexible in terms of asset slots so I'm sure we'll see more versions of this ticking along (possibly with some other way to deliver damage at the start of turn to deliver surprise Excavator > Drago EOTL kills).