Tempo Acme - Pittsburgh GNK Q4 2019

TJackhammer 19

Pretty standard tempo Acme updated for rotation. The lack of UCF makes the deck bite a little less, but the rez/break ratios of the ice still give plenty of tempo to get done what you want to get done.

The game plan is to get out a Daily Quest early behind either a Data Ward, or one of your other taxing tag-based ice. The threat of HHN (not that it's in the deck) seems to often be enough to keep people from running in and trashing it. Even aside from that, the cost of getting through a Pachinko or IP Block tagged is enough that they won't be running it for money, and in my experience people tend to leave it be until it's way too late.

Protect your centrals with some of your cheap barriers and/or slot machine. The game plan is to build a remote with Tollbooth(s), Hydra, and ideally Pachinko or IP block on the outside. Then use Ash to score out agendas. Jeeves lets you never advance 4/2s, and an early ARES really dissuades trashing the Jeeves or Amaini Senai. Don't be like me and forget to rez your Senai before the runner steals your 5/3 from R&D.

Without UCF, it is a little harder to build an impenetrable remote late game, so use Rashida and Fully Operational to draw into your agendas fast and use the Daily Quest money to score out early. If you're lucky, your opponent will be afraid of the kill and let you get to 4 or 5 points quickly.

Possible changes: Biotic is good for the fast advance, but a second Ash might fit the game plan better. Not sure there. I would definitely change out the Degree Mill for Bellona. It protects itself better in a very taxing remote, and gets you tempo back for scoring it early. Apoc/DDOS probably just kills this deck, but I didn't see that day of. Try to be faster than that, I guess. Oh, and Psychographics is there as a little punishment if the runner decides to eat tags from IP block.

19 Jan 2020 Breaker0neNine

NO HHN? you madman, you :) Really happy I got as lucky as I did vs this.

19 Jan 2020 TJackhammer

That's the best part about HHN, you don't actually have to run it if you're playing NBN.


20 Jan 2020 jamesmarcus

In testing, were people more often floating multiple tags that allowed you to fire psycho, or might you get value from single tag punishment operations that give you scoring windows? Maybe like a closed accounts >:D Psycho does play into the FA plan though.