SpontanArgus (4-1 at UK Nats)

Terje 454

"Terje, dropping an HHN is - in my opinion - absolutely terrible" – Seamus

I was dead set on playing Argus for UK Nats as I didn't have time to get as comfortable with a new deck in time, and, let's face it, Argus is Fun™. Thus began the journey to try and figure out how to beat this damn Dummy Box Liza deck without losing too much in your other matchups.

In my first build I dropped 1 GFI for 1 SDS and 1 HHN for Self-Growth Program, but I wasn't particularily happy with it and did it mostly just to shore up the matchup at pubrunner.

The consensus seems to be that 3 SDS is the right call to keep all 3 HHNs as well, but I really didn't like the idea of playing with real 5/3s, so after me and Ronan got back from the pub on Friday we started tinkering with the deck and decided to go to 3 Oaktowns, drop 1 HHN and add a second ConVis and a Self-Growth. The idea being that the ConVis would somewhat make up for cutting the HHN.

On the day the deck only lost against Wu in a game where I couldn't rush out before they got set up with Misdirection, Clot and what felt like infinite money.

I then went on to win against Fear the Masses Gnat (Self-Growth program was clutch in this game as I managed to get him tagged and then took away his fully loaded Bookmark which led to my opponent conceding), Dummy Box Liza where I scored 7 points by turn 7, Dorm Computer Liza that I think I managed to kill in the end and an ApocAlice that also ended in flatline. I ID'd in the last round as I was on 5-5 and had no chance of making top 16 for the alt art Apocalypse.

I'm a big fan of the 3 Oaktown build and think I would keep playing with this agenda suite even if Dummy Box Liza gets hit by the MWL.

Nats was great as always, and I had some amazing games across the day, I just wish my runner had fared a bit better and not lost all but 1 game.