Cambro 56

Came secound place at Alphaspels SC in sweden.

Went 2-1-1 in swiss. Won against NEH(railgun), AoT, lost against CtM and draw on time against EtF. In topcut I only played 2 games with my runner and won both against 2 CtM.

The Tapwrm usally dont stay on the filed more then one turn, giving you an extra turn when the corp purge. Vamadeva is really good, especially against mother goddness. HQ interface and install sneakdoor beta first click can surprise a lot of corps when they haven't iced up archives. I try to temujin a political remote, HQ or r&d rather then archives, to prevent them from iceing up archives. Hades is for power shutdown hate.

If they score punish them with bouning ice infront of HQ, accout siphon and remove tags with aaron.

I try to mulligan for temujin first, tapwrm and Aaron is nice to have early as well.

Really fun deck to play IMO. One change may be to switch to corroder insted of paperclip, add another desperado and remove (maybe?) a daily casts.