Apologies of a crap meta (2nd at FL Regionals/King of Swiss)

Manadog 65

In the weeks before Regionals I tried a lot of deck types that I enjoy and basically came to the conclusion that nothing was any good against Anarch and nothing was good against Liza without meat damage kill in it. I had been considering the idea of just trying to cheese people and maybe 2 days before decided on it. Brain rewiring was a solid cheese and was pretty easy to play with limited experience so I checked if anyone had played it lately. Turns out it had just won a Regional. https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/51985/meatball-sandwich-the-hague-regionals-winner- I basically used that list and checked it against the world's runner up list for ideas. Then I tested for maybe 5 games and made a few changes. Half of those ended with people upset at me. I included more draw because basically all I was doing all game was looking for pieces and trying not to lose. I cut Rashidas because they never fired Audacity because I never needed/wanted it. Then I put in an Architect for some reason. At one point it was a brainstorm and I think that was a better call if only for people seeing it on the deck list in the cut.

When we arrived at the tournament I intended to make changes but I didn't really get a chance. You definitely need a 3rd current and maybe a 4th. It didn't bite me but strike can ruin you.

Round 1 - C. Callahan - Insight/Top Hat CT - My opponent was a newer player who said she'd only been playing maybe 5 or 6 months. She got a slow start and I don't think she had a sense of what my deck was trying to do. I got an ok draw and found my pieces relatively quick. I got the kill in apologized for the deck. (2-0)

Round 2 - Holly Chandler from NISEI - reg Val - She didn't find her CV or her strikes for most of the game. My draw was pretty slow but her luck wasn't good enough for it to matter. I got the kill and apologized for the deck. (4-0)

Round 3 - R. Niven - Adam - I was a bit worried about this game as Adam seems like a pretty bad matchup for this deck. He can hammer HQ all day with his HQI and and anything he scores makes him more expensive to kill with his console. But, I drew the nuts this game and killed him on turn 4. It's the fastest the deck has gone off for me. I apologized for the deck and moved on. (6-0)

Round 4 - Stephen Ball - reg Maxx - We ID'd but played it out anyway. It was a pretty uneventful game. Stephen wasn't playing of NPE Anarch cards the rest of us were so his plan was basically just multi-access and hope to get lucky. He didn't and I killed him and apologized for the deck. (7-1)

Cut Round 1 - Win with Runner (1-0)

Cut Round 2 - Holly part 2 - This time she finds a better start and some better luck and just accesses enough cards to win. My draw was pretty slow so she had a decent amount of time to do it. (1-1)

Cut Round 3 - Vee Herman - All in on CV Maxx - This is a pretty awful matchup for me. It's the Maxx with Titanium Ribs and 3 Levies that's going for the CV plan. They find all 3 CV the first time through the deck. My draw is solid but not nearly fast enough. I find everything and start my combo turn with a Malia as the 3rd Mirrormorph card and blank by far the largest CV. Then I basically have to let Jesus take the wheel while they pop the other 2 CV. Unfortunately they hit all my Biotic labors so I'm sitting there with my combo pieces on the board and no way to go off. I ice the Rewiring and accept my fate. Vee trashes the Malia and then pops the big CV so I'm down to 1 card in hand. I don't remember the rest exactly but I have archives iced. I think it was install Same Old Thing and SOT for stimhack into archives. Crucially my hand actually only had 5 points in it including an Ikawa so the game isn't over. More importantly for me Vee has no cards in hand so next to I just fire the contract killer that wasn't trashed. This game was the result of a long day and being burned out and I should have lost. (2-1)

Cut Round 4 - Win on Runner (3-1)

Cut Round 5 - Holly part 3 - I'm sure Holly was very sick of this deck by now but this 1 was pretty fast. It ended up being my 2nd fastest combo of the day. (4-1)

Grand Final part 1 - Win on Runner (5-1)

Grand Final part 2 - Stephen Ball again - I get a good but awkward opening including no agendas but 2 UVC so my first turn is draw 1 and click for 2. One of those is an agenda Stephen promptly steals. I continue to draw pretty well and things are looking good for me but I can't find another biotic/Jeeves to combo. I finally get the Jeeves and UVC it down as Stephen doesn't have a ton of cash. He's on 2 points. Click 1 he installs D4. He legworks+1 from turning wheel to hit an Ikawa and a brain rewiring and goes to 6. Last click he plays a Maker's and finds a Show of Force(I think) for the win. His luck on accesses was good but it made up for the bad luck he had in game 1 of the finals. Had he not hit on the Maker's though I had the combo next turn so the game was about as close as it could conceivably be. Congrats to him for the well deserved win.

After playing this deck for a day I'm pretty glad it's banned. I'm perhaps even more glad that the stuff that pushed me to play it is also banned. Despite this pile of NPE I had an excellent time at the event and everyone was great to talk to. Netrunner really has a fantastic community and I look forward to NISEI in the future. Additionally it was pretty great to end on a competitive high note in official support.