[Startup] Sweet Dreams - 1st Place Dublin Circuit Opener 6-0

Dzerards 296

Unbeaten on the day over 4 rounds of Swiss and a top 4 cut! Pretty happy with how this deck held up. Though it is not unbeatable by any stretch, I always felt comfortable with it and had a lot of fun.

The idea is to poison archives with Nightmare Fuel, set up a Vampyronassa-Anoetic Void remote and jam a Regenesis in it. Bonus points if you install-advance-advance the Regenesis to rep a juicier prize. Now you just need to dump a Send a Message into the bin off a Void/Anemone/Hafrun trigger on your opponents turn, preferable their last click, and score the Regenesis for 4 points! Now everything you put in the remote could be the game!

It provides a lot of ways for the runner to miss-play. And a lot of its power comes from the runner not knowing what you are up to. It was a lot harder to sneak a Send a Messaging into the bin unchecked in the top 4 matches.

You deal with Pinhole by clown car-ing the remote. Hafrun was mainly to deal with any light the fire. Anemone on HQ into Snare! won me two games. Turbine-Buzzsaw probably takes this deck apart, but Endurance finds it hard to farm tokens.

I'd probably drop a Hafrun for a 3rd Anemone and you could experiment with Nani Grid as a way to protect archives against runners who are aggressively flipping it.

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15 Mar 2023 Vacilotto

Hey, congratulations! Awesome to see a RH doing well. Going to give this list a try, but will miss the Nani's I'm 100% sure lol.