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I took this SYNC deck to the NQ tournament. It either went 4-2 or 3-3, I can't remember. One of the losses was due to being a fool and not ICEing HQ T1 VS Adam, who stole 2 agendas plus FTE for a turn one win. This was on 'vesper_dbs' twitch stream, so if you fancy watching a terrible moment in my netrunner life, check it out :)

The combination of Casting Call + Dedication Ceremony + Bellona + NAPD Cordon is pretty horrible. Bellona + NAPD is horrible on its own, actually. I meant to add in Preemptive Action but forgot to change the decklist before the tournament.

The main way to win is to tax the runner out, which means the deck dies to film critic and runners who can sit and pile up money.

Great tournament, super community - thanks to CodeMarvelous and everyone else!

p.s. The title of this deck is gibberish because I typed too fast and couldn't remember what I'd intended to call it.