Red Demon's AgInfusion [CR]

Red Oni 24

This was my deck for the recent Stimhack Online Cache Refresh Tournament (SOCR4) Publishing to share with the other participants. The basic plan of this deck was to rez something punishing on HQ or R&D, stack Data Loops and Kakugos on the scoring remote and make it very difficult to have enough cards and clicks to score a Obokata. My last game was before White Nile was playable on Jinteki, so SSL and NGO would be swapped for PriReq and Long-Term Investment. LTI was just there as an experiment. Conclusion on that, btw, don't do long term investment if you only plan on building 1 remote. If you're ok to build 2 remotes, like IT Dept, then it might work, but the one time I got it out I felt it messed with my tempo more than it helped. Though the 10 credits were useful.