Red Sun 1.0

Deus Mortis 82

First version of Blue Sun with red splash for Chiyashi, traps and Bio Vault as secondary run breaker next to Border Control. It seems that games are almost as likely won by flatlining runner as scoring agendas, thanks to combination of traps, CWP and Punitive Counterstrike. Base of decklist can be found on: I am new player so any ideas for decklist changes are very appreciated.

7 Feb 2021 Longi

Hey Jozka, this seems way to complicated to work, especially on Blue Sun. Also, is the money reliable? PS: Definitelly drop the Trebuchet, you cannot use you ID ability on it unless you want to flood runner with BP. But keep experimenting!

7 Feb 2021 Deus Mortis

Money is somewhat reliable. It has to come in right combination to work. It is similar to Tron deck in MTG. I kept Trebuchet because one or two bad pub is useful for Broad Daylight to supplement secondary win condition.