MrBuggles 592

This is a fairly standard Patchwork Maxx list, with a strong focus on recurring D4 with clone chips. I cut the legwork because I found it never did anything for me, and the second clone chip makes the deck even better at locking the remote (or getting Turtle + Datasucker going). I’ve found taking single accesses on HQ enough when you’ve also got decent R&D multiaccess.

In Swiss it beat door-to-door NEH, jammy Sportsmetal and Aginfusion, drew with CTM (I’m fairly certain I would have won that one), and lost to regular Argus and Sportsmetal combo.

In the cut I threw the game away against Azmari on sea source and exchange, but that wasn’t the deck’s fault at all!

If I was going to Worlds I’d be very comfortable taking this deck, but would be worried about combo Sportsmetal, because in its current form I feel like it’s verging on an unwinnable matchup.

Based on no testing whatsoever, I’d consider swapping the 3 Hacktivists for 3 Wantons. You don’t care much about Scarcity (only 9 resources, plus Patchwork discount cancels out Scarcity), and while an early Hacktivist and decent econ makes the CTM matchup pretty easy, I’m sure it’s still winnable without Hacktivist, plus Wanton is not bad against CTM anyway, and CTM almost certainly won’t be as popular as it used to be if there are a lot of rich Shapers with misdirection. Against combo Sportsmetal, any way to safely put stuff in the bin without having to access it seems good to me.

4 Sep 2018 Jander

Was second Levy useful?

4 Sep 2018 MrBuggles

It really can be against Jinteki, and it often frees up a SOT. I still waiver on whether it’s worth the 3 influence though.