SOCR7 Apex

CasMat 67

Apoc was the best runner card in the SOCR7 meta, I think. This deck was built to try to get an early apoc with crocs and birds, then do 1 of three things: remote camp, go for single accesses with a bankroll out, or prep for the next apoc. Lack of multi-access didn't really feel as bad as you would think, but failing to get the early apoc does. In at least one of the game losses, my mistake was not building up for an apoc when I should have, because I felt locked out when I wasn't.

Deck went 3-3. Lost to a rushy Titan, an Argus tagging remote, and a Skorpios rushing out Atlas. So mostly decks rushing out before I get going. Pirate stuff should stop rush decks in theory, but since they are also fueling your apoc its a difficult balance to strike. Money can be a big issue if centrals get covered and your draws are bad.

24 Sep 2018 Sanjay

This list is so clever! How did Reboot do for you, incidentally?

24 Sep 2018 BlackCherries

Wait - what Skorpios was rushing out Oaktowns?

Surely you mean another agenda.

24 Sep 2018 CasMat

@BlackCherriesMeant Atlas haha

24 Sep 2018 theoneakaneo

Well built and well played

24 Sep 2018 CasMat

@SanjayReboot is an excellent Apex card. I had at least one game where it let me recur animals, but mostly it was good just to have heartbeat/aesop's fodder.

25 Sep 2018 seeds34

This looks like a laugh. I admit I did a double take when I noticed the Crypsis.

28 Sep 2018 Jackeys

Isn't this deck illegal? Aesop isn't Virtual...

5 Oct 2018 Agasha

@jackeys strange things happen with the magic of Assimilator