Urban Brotech

pord 29

Boom Shake Shake the Room..... well not this time.

Took to a previous SC and it went 3wins 1loss..... this time however it let me down massively. Origami Wu and God of War MaXX meant it hurt a lot.

Game 1

Max God of war, more tags = more hand, money etc. No way to hurt him in time.

Game 2

Wu playing origami won no ice found so wu just went in scoring all over the place.

Game 3

Sunny died to id after running into some damage. Left one card in hand... flip, click click click Boom.

Game 4

Wu was loosing on time. I had 1 house which meant I was winning. Last round. Deep data scored 1 obakata just before the snares came after going down to 2 cards in hand. No way to score up on my last turn meant timed win.