Hello, IT

ff0X 820

Inspired by Kephalopodes RP deck he played at the Berlin Meta Arena tournament.

After the tournament we talked about it a bit and made some changes. The current list is the result and hold up in a Game Night last weekend really well. Winning all the games in 4 rounds of swiss against PPVP-Kate, 2x CT and Noise.

The deck addresses quite a few rather common and successful play styles. For one, the deck is highly resistant to Parasite. With 3 of each Architect, Lotus Field, and Himitsu Baku Parasites will have a hard time. In addition, IT Department helps a lot in saving some Ice for one extra turn to score and then purge in peace. IT Department is quite important in the match-up against Kate, too. While the economy of Kate is strong it cannot keep up with trashing your money, IT Department and pay rather ridiculous amounts of money for accesses. Especially, when you have a few IT Department counters to burn on an Architect. It also addresses Atman + Datasucker as a very efficient backup breaker, making it pretty much useless.

We decided against Markus Batty and common ice choices (Eli, Ichi) because they don't really have any synergy with IT Department.

20 Jul 2015 prozz

this is strong. confirmed.

21 Jul 2015 sruman

Given only 1 crick, the Susanoo seems to be over-priced for the effect and not particularly benefiting from the IT department. Was their other considerations for that slot or susanoo all the way? Maybe too situational, but chum feels like something that could be beneficial on the cheap given how unbreakable you could make the next ice.

22 Jul 2015 ff0X

Given that there are also three Architects in addition to the Crick it worked out fine so far. In addition, Susanoo is still great in the shaper matchups especially against Kate. While it might not benefit from ITD itself, if you redirect them into an Architect you can pretty much guarantee the subroutines firing when you have a loaded ITD.