Look Maw, One Hand! [Cache Refresh]

PureFlight 1040

Going into this Cache Refresh tournament, I focused heavily on what I thought the meta would be. Maybe too heavily. It's very hard to predict a CR meta because it's always changing. Plus this was a low-stakes online tourney, so folks weren't afraid to bring in some weird stuff.

I figured that Boom was good because Plascrete and Hopper were out. The next best defensive options are probably Citadel Sanctuary, Crash Space, and Biometric Spoofing. So I wanted to try Citadel with some Link. I also was afraid of Spam decks with Moon et al, and there's no Scrubber or Slums or Whizz in the format, so I went with Anarch and Order & Chaos to get access to Archives Interface. Link? O&C? Must be Eddie Kim!

Without Casts and Laundry, I settled for Day Job and Peace in our Time. PiOT made it really easy to get out Maw, which decimates slow asset decks. Combined with Aeneas, Kim, and his love of Medium's multi-access, I had a lot of pressure on all fronts. I still wanted that Link, so I thought The Archivist would be a neat include with the upside of Bad Pub, another great weapon against Spam. Unfortunately, I played against almost exclusively glacier decks that could tax me out if I didn't have sucker tokens. After tweaking it between each game, I ended up with this deck and a record of 2-4.

Discoveries and Thoughts

  • Day Job isn't terrible in slower metas
  • Would have considered Human First if I needed more econ
  • Medium is really good without CVS; Macrophage is a smart include for any CR deck.
  • Kim repeatedly knocked Boom out of HQ, saving me 2-3 creds over the whole tourney #KimValue
  • Archives Interface was great at RFGing any Friends or Booms I knocked out of centrals, which happened a whole lot. Plus I got sucker tokens for the archives runs.
  • I'm not very good with Anarch

I really really really enjoy the format. It encourages new players to buy the newest packs first, which is probably smartest for them anyway. It also encourages lot of creative deckbuilding. CR metas will never be "solved" for long because of how much of an impact each new pack has on the meta. Hopefully we will continue to see lots of CR events in the future!

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10 Jul 2017 johnofarc

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