Quest Aginfusion - 5th at UK Nats, 1st at PoS

RotomAppliance 2876

A straightforward enough Aginfusion deck. While the ID ability is very powerful, Aginfusion is notoriously poor economically, and the build attempts to remedy this by dedicating 17 slots to economy.

The deck plays the typical Jinteki taxing ice splashes, with Eli not used due to having no teeth when booped into. Not playing 3 Border Control is unusual, but the Daily Quests were valuable and I didn't want to compromise on the cheap value ice.

I chose Aginfusion as I think it's well placed in a meta full of Liza with some apocalypse decks still running around. Crisium Grid seems excellent at the moment, helping to defend against potential Doofs, Hot Pursuits, Embezzles, Counter-Surveillance, Apocalypse, Stargate and Khusyuk. I didn't play that many practice games, but I was beating Liza most of the time, while having plenty of game against Freedom and various shapers.

I played the same list in President of servers. Counting that, it went 5-2-1, the timed draw being against Gang Sign Leela. It only faced Liza twice, going 1-1 against the eventual winner. I think a similar build in Palana is also fine at the moment (dropping Quest to use 3 Border Control, as scoring opportunities are harder to come by) and that it should also play the 2 Crisium. I think it's more valuable at the moment than other splashes, such as DRM.

Thanks to all the organisers who made this happen and ran the tournament so well. Congrats to Mike on winning the entire thing.